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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us —

“Please keep coming to the Granville farmers market! My four year old looks for your booth and runs over to get a sample, or three. We stock up on your cheese pizzas for her!”

Trisha Pound

“Got a frozen pizza from the New Albany farmers market. It was so easy to make at last minute! Hope you guys come back so I can get more!

Megan Leigh

“Got 2 heat & eats for the first time today at the Granville Farmers market…they were perfect for a quick dinner after a long day today! Will definitely get again!”

Breana Rife Trout

“Fired Up Pizza is absolutely amazing!!! If you haven’t tried it, Do! You will be hooked like we are.”

Sharon Graham Sinsabaugh

“Hope to see you back at the Granville Farmer’s market. The pizza is delicious!”

Lisa Fountain